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Donation Acceptance Policy

General conditions for the acceptance of financial or in kind donations (books, different sources of information, equipments…) :

  • Donations to the Lebanese Library shall be accepted without any conditions made by the donor. They must meet the Library's needs and shall be subject to the collection development policy;
  • It is preferable for financial donations to be in the form of a grant for a defined project with a specific budget, and for the money to be spent like any public funds;
  • The expenditure of financial donations shall be overseen by a special committee appointed by the Minister of Culture or by the Board of Directors;
  • The committee shall retain all proof of payment of the financial donation;
  • No room or other area of the Library shall bear the donor's name;
  • The donor's name shall be mentioned in the list of donors and contributors of the National Library in a framework that is yet to be determined;
  • The donor's name and date of donation shall be mentioned on the website of the Library in accordance with an agreement;
  • The donor's name and date of donation shall be stamped on the flyleaf of the book;
  • The Library reserves the right to choose documents to be kept and to suggest to other libraries those that do not meet its needs;
  • In general, donated books and collections shall be integrated into the Library's collection according to the classification system adopted by the Library ; no special area shall be assigned to them;
  • In some cases, the Library may decide to expose an offered collection as an entity (ex. exhibition of the private collection of a renowned figure...);
  • Personal archives shall be conserved as a single and complete collection.

Note: the Minister of Culture performs all his missions concerning the donation policy in his capacity as supervisor of the Lebanese National Library and according to the laws in effect.

The National Library Revival Committee, 2008