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An “Open Doors” day at the National Library workshops
The Minister of Culture: “Any citizen owning a manuscript or an ancient periodical should deposit it in the National Library”

In the framework of the International Archives Day, the Revival Project of the National Library opened its doors to the public in its temporary premises at the free zone of Beirut Port. This day was an occasion for the concerned public to discover the collections of the Library, including books and manuscripts, as well as the various implemented mechanisms for the restoration and preservation of valuable books and manuscripts.

On this occasion, the Minister of Culture, Mr. Gaby Layyoun, toured the various workshops of the Library of the Revival Project of the National Library in the company of the Project manager, Mr. Gerard Khajerian. He also visited halls in which a number of manuscripts, books and first issues of periodicals issued in Lebanon were displayed. The Minister listened with great interest to the explanations of the workers on the exhibited documents and the mechanisms of their physical and intellectual treatment in preparation of the future National Library.