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International Archives Day
In the context of the International Archives Day, the Revival Project of the Lebanese National Library opened its doors to the public on Saturday June 7, 2014. Many visitors of all ages had the opportunity to tour the workshops of the Project, which are located in the Port of Beirut free zone.

An exhibition that was held on the premises allowed visitors to look closely at documents on various topics related to Lebanon: Lebanese emigration; pioneering female journalists; books with distinctive covers from 1940-1950; detective novels; the memory of the National Library and its curators; the beginnings of the Arab press; rare books of past centuries; maps, plans, posters… Moreover, guided tours helped visitors learn more about the nature of the collections and the kind of work accomplished at the LNL. Visitors were also given the occasion to look at live demonstrations of book restoration. As for young visitors, they were treated to special readings and activities on the importance of the National Library.